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Three easy steps on how to grow taller naturally

The general accepted fact about height growth is that, it is practically impossible to increase a person’s height after reaching maturity. However, various research studies have indicated that height augment is possible, these studies have documented various treatments and therapies that were carried out in the last ten years or so. One such treatment that have received wide spread attention and scrutiny is the Growth Hormone therapy.  Other non medical or alternative treatments also evolved simultaneously and some of these alternative or natural therapies include diet therapy, exercise regime etc. For the purpose of this article we will try to explore the point on how to grow taller naturally and oh yes, it is possible to increase a person’s height by sticking to the basis (the natural way). In addition, the natural approach is also one of the safest and least expensive propositions.

Let’s look now at three approaches on how to grow taller naturally

1) How to grow taller naturally: Nutrition

Nutrition is the ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to human growth and development. It is required by individual of ages. Individuals need adequate nutrition not only to keep the body healthy but also grow tallerSo, when it comes to good nutrition the first step is to eat proper and nutritional diet. So what are essentials of a good nutritional diet?

  1. a.      Eating the right amount of simple and complex carbohydrates present in fruits, vegetables, grains is the right start
  2. b.     Find a good source of healthy fats which are found in olive oil, peanuts, corn oil
  3. c.       Consume sufficient Polyunsaturated and omega fats which are found in salmon, herring and soybean oil.
  4. d.     Finally, there should be sufficient amount of good protein from low-fat dairy products like turkey and  chicken


2.) How to grow taller naturally: Exercise

There are different types of growth enhancing exercises starting to from the simple stretching exercise to more complex ones. However, most height augmenting exercises involve stretching of one form or the other, these exercises tends to generally target parts of the body like the bones, spine and joints. Height increasing exercise if done on a regular basis can be extremely helpful in increasing a person’s height. Some of the well known exercises include Pilates, swimming and yoga.

For any growth exercise to be effective, it must include cardiovascular programs, Cardio programs burn more calories which will in turn stimulate the pituitary glands to secrete more HGH (Human growth Hormones)


3. How to grow taller naturally: Proper sleep

Sleep is the time when the body goes on an automated repairing mode. Cells are repaired, food digested and all the nutrients required by the body are disturbed during sleep. The optimum amount of sleep required by an individual varies from one individual to another depending on age. There are guidelines that suggest a minimum of 8hrs, however this criteria is not conclusive.


By following these three easy natural steps one can find an approach to increasing height that is easy, convenient and inexpensive. It is important to remember that just because a therapy is expensive does not mean it will necessarily produce results. In fact, natural approaches are often the most effective and easy.